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Sourcing of products in China:
Naturestuff has an office in China to find a reliable source of products directly from the manufacturer. NS can help locating the best manufacturing company and monitor their activities to ensure product reliability. Your company will be guaranteed a constant flow of product and a reliable quality.

Import products into China:
Naturestuff has the ability to import products from any country into China using our import license and resources. We have a dedicated team that can offer a full service job.

Export Chinese products worldwide:
In addition to importing products into China, NS also holds an export license capable of exporting any product from China to any country in the world.

Translation services:
Naturestuff is fully staffed with bilingual employees. We can handle any kind of paperwork and translation of labels, brochures, word documents, etc. Translation is available in the following languages.

Freight services:
Our company has more than 10 years of extensive experience in freight logistics. We have contacts and resources to handle any freight needs your company may have. We can offer competitive pricing and provide options for your needs.

Honesty and trustworthiness:
Naturestuff has been in agricultural product  business for 20 years. Our company is known for excellent and honest service. We are known for producing and distributing high quality products internationally. You can count on NS as a trustworthy partner.

Quality control to your standards:
Our company can provide value added services such as the implementation of a quality control program to meet your specifications. You can guarantee the product will meet your quality standard before it leaves China. It will eliminate the chance to receive bad product in your country of destination.

Naturestuff Trading Company can offer warehousing in our Tianjin distribution plant. We are equipped with docking stations and security on site. Your product will be safe at NS and we can provide reports on product levels at your convenience.

Customized packaging:
Naturestuff can provide packaging, labeling, sorting, bar-coding, etc. according to your company needs. This value added service can offer flexibility in your supply chain.