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About us

    NatureStuff co., ltd. is located in Pathongthani province Thailand.The company was established in 2012, developing from individual operator that has been in agricultural product wholesale business for over 20 years at Simonmong market.Our major business activities are trading and processing agricultural products.Those products include fresh garlic,onion,carrot,dry chilly, and various other agricultural products from local and overseas countries.Our exported products are primarily produced in Thailand include fresh coconut, coconut fiber and natural rubber/latex products. 
Office 300/74-75 Phaholyotin Rd.  Kukot, Lumlukka, Pathumthani Thailand
  Tel. 088-215-3555  Fax. 02-992-1314


355/1004 Phaholyotin Rd. Kukot, Lumlukka, Pathumthani
  Tel. 088-215-3555  Fax. 02-995-1151


10,000 KG


Our delivery trucks are available to send our products to center region of Thailand